Flow Vertical Band

“Flow Vertical” is a new album of Jasna Jovicevic Sextet, published with British FMR Records ( )

It is research of sound vibrations through music, and its direct impact on our body, energy, and creativity.

Composer and improviser, Jasna Jovicevic, explores the creative process in composing and improvising, witnessing and producing certain sound frequencies, which in a particular way, influences our mind, body and energy centers (chakras). This is a conceptual program music, divided according to psychic centers in the human body. It is written for string trio, bassoon, percussions, saxophones, bass clarinet, spacedrum and voice. Interaction and collaborative performance are smoothly interrelated with contemporary approach in chamber jazz.

Jasna Jovicevic- composition, saxes, bass clarinet, spacedrum, vocal

Gabriella Koso- bassoon

Filip Krumes- violin

Rastko Popovic- viola

Dejan Bozic- cello

Uros Secerov- percission

Flow Vertical Album Cover

Flow vertical

Live recording from S.U.T.R.A. Festival from Museum of Science and Technology, Belgrade


Gabriela Koso- bassoon

Gabriela Benak- violin

Nevena Martinović- viola

Milica Svirac- viloloncello

Jasna Jovicevic- composition, saxes, bass cl., spacedrum

Vertical Flow is a research of sound vibrations through music, performance, quantum measurement and yogic practices, and its direct impact on our body energy and creativity.

Composer and improvising musician, yoga instructor, JasnaJovicevic, explores the creative process, which in its structure contained a complex chakra cleansing yogic practice (energy centers in the human body) of 16 days. During the withdrawal, in comparison to the impact of yogic practices on the body, mind, spirit, emotions and energy, she composed and improvised music, whose frequency characteristics peculiar to certain energy centers of her being. The music that is created during the process, is presented in the form of concert music program for quintet.

In the process of creating and playing music through a variety of practices, artist was the subject to SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation System)measuring apparatus, which is supervised, accompanied and analyzed at different levels by quantum doctor. The changes are recorded and documented as certain quantum parameters. The results of this research demonstrate the change on different levels of her being, caused by certain sound frequency, and fusion of music and spiritual practices.

During the concert, the artist is also diagnosed with the Aura measuring system, projected live to the audience. Viewers have the opportunity to listen to music created during the process of withdrawal, and testify the changes occurring in the energy body of the performer, projected in real time, as well as the influence of music on themselves.

As a practitioner of Nada Yoga (yoga of sound) and musician improvised music, exploring new systems in which music, improvisation and raising the awareness of audio frequencies in us and around us, directly influence the improvement of the quality of vibration. Jasna believes that "conscious improvisation 'has healing power, both the performers and the audience.

Flow vertical Solo

Flow Vertical is a concept of mindful improvisation, related to energy centers-chakras. Free improvisation, state of mind, emotions, energy level, instruments and voice correlate and make the unique music piece.