Jovicevic / Miklos / Wojcinski


Jasna Jovicevic-horns Serbia

Silvester Miklos-drums Hungary

Ksawery Wojcinski-double bass Poland

This trio brings musical freshness with its originality, open forms and freedom. All three musicians are known for improvisation, composition and contemporary approach in chamber jazz. They play original music, mostly spontaneously composed. In November 2018, within the Artist and Residence program in Novi Sad, in addition to collaborative workshops and performances, they recorded their first joint album. Since then, they are on tours.

Trio Band
Trio Band
Trio Band
Trio Band
Trio Band

Here, you can listen their new material:

Jasna Jovićević,

holds BA from Jazz Saxophone Liszt Ferenc Academy of Arts in Budapest, MA in music composition at York University in Toronto, now a PhD student at the FMC in Belgrade. She was educated in the USA, Brazil and Austria, won several awards at competitions and fellowships for artistic residencies in New York, San Francisco, Spain and Canada. She played with famous artists such as Hamid Drake, Mike Stern, Bojan Zulfikarpašić, Al Di Meola, performed at festivals across Europe and Canada (Jazzycolors Paris, TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Budapest Jazz Festival, Pula Jazz Festival, Roulette, Cobi Place - New York, Timişoara Jazz Fest and many others). She released 4 solo albums, latest ‘Flow Vertical’ Jasna Jovićević sextet for English publisher FMR Records and she is featured at ten other albums. She is the author and leader of artistic educational projects for children and contemporary art within the ‘ARTRUST’ Citizen Association, educator on university level and leader of New Spark Jazz Orchestra - Women of Balkans in Jazz.

Miklós Szilveszter,

drummer from Budapest, who hails from Vojvodina. After he graduated violin, he continued to learn and play jazz music on drums. He graduated from Jazz Department of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and he performs with famous avant-garde creative artists such as Grencsó István, Benkő Róbert, Pozsár Máté, Ajtai Péter, Mezei Szilárd, Szelevényi Ákos and Dresch Mihály. On the international scene, we could see him perform with Lewis Jordan, Johannes Bauer, John Dikeman, Peter Brötzmann.

Ksawery Wójciński,

is a jazz double bassist from Poland, and he is famous and active musician at the music scene of contemporary jazz. He graduated from the music academy in Bydgoszcz, and he performed at important international festivals across Europe: Akbank Jazz Festival (Istanbul), Periferias Festival (Spain), JazzFest Berlin and Nordishcer Klang (Germany), inJazz (Netherlands). He recorder more than twenty albums of original music as a soloist and backing musician, among others with Hamid Drake, Uri Caine, Charles Gayle, Nicole Mitchell, Satoko Fujii, Alan Bern, Michael Zerang, Mikołaj Trzaska and many others.