Jasna Jovicevic Quinary

Composer and saxophonist, Jasna Jovićević, researches the creative process in composing and improvising, perception and production of sound frequencies and contextualized musical structures, which in a special way affect the mind and body. The music of the Jasna Jovićević Quinary is conceptual program music, written for string quartet, saxophones, bass clarinet, flute, spacedrum and voice. The free improvizing interaction between the participants harmoniously permeates the contemporary approach of the chamber ensemble.
The new program of the Jasna Jovićević quintet will present original music from the last two albums; "Flow Vertical", a holistic artistic study of sound vibrations through music, and "Sounding Solitude", an album that testifies to the inner journey into a new reality caused by the pandemic in two years.
This group opens the forms with improv framed by a contemporary expression of string format with a wide range of experience in an innovative approach to 21st century music. The collective expression they create is a mirror of togetherness and compassion in these extraordinary times and experiences that we all go through.

SUper Saxophone Quartet Photo by Sabina Kojiċ

SUper Saxophone Quartet

SUper Saxophone Quartet is a band made up of acclaimed musicians from Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary and Ukraine; Gabor Bunford (soprano, alto), Max Kochetov (alto), Adam Klemm (tenor) and Jasna Jovićević (baritone). All of them are band leaders, composers and excellent improvisers; although their quartet smoothly blends, it contains the individual expressions. Saxophone quartet repertoire includes original contemporary composed and improvised music, modern jazz, distinguished but easy to listen. The intensity and dynamics of harmony that four saxophones create, provide an authentic atmosphere and musical experience interesting not only for jazz and contemporary music lovers.

Jasna Joviċeviċ - Trio

This trio brings musical freshness with its originality, open forms and freedom. All three musicians are known for improvisation, composition and contemporary approach in chamber jazz. They play original music, mostly spontaneously composed. In November 2018, within the Artist and Residence program in Novi Sad, in addition to collaborative workshops and performances, they recorded their first joint album. Since then, they are on tours.


  • Jasna Jovicevic-horns Serbia
  • Silvester Miklos-drums Hungary
  • Ksawery Wojcinski-double bass Poland
Improvised Events

Improvised Events

Exhibition of a performance created in the visual, instrumental, vocal and dance interaction of four artists, Andreja Kulunčić (visual artist, Croatia), Annette Giesriegl (vocalist, Austria), Zrinka Užbinec (dance artist and choreographer, Croatia), Jasna Jovićević (saxophonist and composer, Serbia)

The artists explore the possibility of dialogue and the exchange of ideas through improvisation, in order to achieve interaction in the broad range of their own areas. The objective is to achieve a collective artistic practice that comes into being at the intersection of space, movement and audio articulation within the spatial, semantic and political potentials of the site. Elements of individual expression are no longer restricted to affective reactions of the given and uniform artistic field. During this creative event, constantly repeating unknowns are recognised. The principle of equality of different artistic techniques within the process can form a new practice, the outcome of which is a potential original vocabulary of new expressions.

Toth bagi Csaba Balkan Union

Toth Bagi Csaba Balkan Union is a Hungarian band, playing fusion of Balkan melodies, blues and jazz approach in improvised music. Recently, we performed with Mr. Mike Stern on Nisville Jazz Festival.

Official Website

Srpske Igre - Csaba Toth Bagi Balkan Union

Elment a két lány - Csaba Toth Bagi Balkan Union

Csaba Toth Bagi Balkan Union


Jasna Joviċeviċ & Armand Mesaroš

DHARMA is a musical duo from Serbia, performing improvised experimental jazz music, inspired by the internal Sound. Music of Dharma is a combination of various acoustic and electric instruments, processors and loopers. It is an experiment, interactive exchange of ideas with emphasis on jazz, ancient Sanskrit mantras, and Balkan elements, practice and play with the sound acoustics. Members of Dharma are Jasna Jovicevic (saxophones, flutes, percussion) and Armand Mesaros (bass). They play on prestigious festivals in Region ( Green Town International Festival, Novi Sad International Festival, Ethno.com Festival, various concerts).

Travellers is a studio album, combining various improvised and composed melodies and musical situations. Duo is creatively experimenting with acoustic sounds, looped ostinatos, free improvisation, el.effects, and mantras, such as 32 names of Durga, Gayatri mantra, and Shiva mantra. The aim is to produce calm meditative, but also exciting musical environment, free of forms, rules, concentrating on the Sound itself. 8 songs are just one moment of their inspiration.



Winter Session 2016.



With Dance

Multidisciplinary approach in music is stated as a new music experience. When the abstraction of music exists in space, time and motion, interactive vibration changes, in cooperation with other creators, is transformed into a new form, regardless of the height and length of sound.

For the last 10 years, Jasna has been collaborating with dancers, poets and painters in various collaborative, multidisciplinary works, in USA and Europe.

The newest collaboration is Imago Sonus.

Solo Music

Inspired by Nature and meditations.

Jasna Jovicevic - Spaced out Dots