Jasna Jovicevic Quinary

Subliminal Chamber Jazz

As a musician and composer, I research the creative process in composing and improvising, perception and production of sound frequencies and contextualized musical structures, which in a special way affect the mind and body, well-being of the whole person. Our music is a conceptual program music, written for string quartet, and I play saxophones, bass clarinet, flute, spacedrum and voice. The free improvizing interaction between the participants harmoniously complements the contemporary approach of the chamber ensemble.

The new program of the Jasna Jovićević Quinery presents original music from the last two albums; "Flow Vertical", a holistic artistic study of sound vibrations through music, where I researched Sound as a tool that can manipulate and influence vibration in space, body and mind. It is related to the yogic tradition of nada Yoga- Yoga of Sound. Last album, "Sounding Solitude", testifies to the inner journey into a new reality caused by the pandemic in the last two years. I examined Köbler-Ross`s model for stages of grief, connecting states of our struggle of collective mind with meditational techniques as antidote.

This group opens the new forms with artistic research and improv framed by a contemporary expression of string format with a wide range of experience in an innovative approach to 21st century contemporary, jazz and concious music. The collective expression we create is a mirror of togetherness and compassion in these extraordinary times and experiences that we all go through.

Members of Quinary are musicians working in very different musical disciplines, but are greatly united in this ensemble: Jasna Jovićević (composition, saxes, bass cl, spacedrum,flute,voice), Filip Krumes (violin), Rastko Popović (viola), Pavle Popović (cello) and Milan Nikolić (double bass)

  • Jasna Jovicevic Quinary - Walking Meditation
  • Direction: Tolnai Szabolcs
  • Screenplay: Tolnai Szabolcs i Jasna Jovicevic
  • Camera: Boris Kopiloviċ
  • Editing: Zlata Vojnić Kortimiš
  • Awards:
    • Munich Music Video Awards Selected in the semifinals, art music category
    • Best Music Video Awards (London) Winner in the category "Best Jazz Song"
    • IMVA (International Music Video Awards) (London) Finalists in the "Video for Art Music" category Selected in the semifinals, art music category