Jasna began practicing yoga around 2005, and since then, she is a practitioner, student and instructor, constantly widening her knowledge and experience.

She completed several professional courses related to professional techniques of yoga in Italy, Slovenia, India and Serbia. She made her formal training for yoga instructors in Bihar School of Yoga in Rikhia,India, in 2010. In 2015, she receives diploma for Operative trainers of Yoga from College of Vocational Studies Training of sports trainers.

She worked as a yoga instructor in “Atma Yoga Center”, and “BG Yoga” Center in Belgrade, and now in her own “Iskra Yoga” studio in Subotica, Serbia. She is also giving lectures, nada yoga courses, trainings and workshops for children, pregnant women and families, in cooperation with primary schools, nursery schools for pregnant women, Serbian Yoga Association and others.

Jasna is specialized in Nada yoga- the yoga of Sound. As a musician and composer, nada yoga path and sadhana came naturally, and through her yoga and music practice, she studies ancient, but also develops new practices.

Iskra Joga Studio- Palić